Poliklinika Váš lekár

The first polyclinic for active and long life

Polyclinic Váš Lekár

24 specialised outpatient clinics in Eurovea 2 with the aim of delivering high-level healthcare to clients.

Short waiting times, a team of experts, a pharmacy, the possibility of a telephone consultation with a doctor and a pharmacist.

The new standard

health care

Our philosophy

Emphasis on well-being

We provide healthcare to both acute and chronic patients; alongside this, we focus on prevention and longevity. Whatever the client’s state of health, we strive to take care of their well-being and prolong their active life through prevention (and intervention, if necessary).

24 outpatient clinics & 5 additional workplaces

All the clinics can be found in one place and are at your disposal not only within the membership. You can also visit our specialised clinics separately, in the form of a one-off admission.

Available dates

Our plan is to streamline the management of health services.

The limited number of clients within the polyclinic means shorter waiting times for appointments with specialists, and more time for the examination of one client.

Services of Váš Lekár Polyclinic

Visit a specialist doctor’s office for either acute, chronic, or preventative cases, take an advanced preventive exam to get comprehensive information about your health, or become an annual member with a variety of benefits. For more information, please contact us by phone: +421 940 40 90 70.

Annual membership in Váš Lekár Polyclinic

You will have 24 specialists at your disposal.

Extended preventive examination

Take an extended health check-up and get a comprehensive overview of your health for € 399.

Examination in the ambulance

If you need to see a specialist, make an appointment for an examination – right now.

Health as a work benefit? Give it to your employees.

Experienced team of experts

24 ambulances

Within the polyclinic you will find more than 24 outpatient clinics and 5 additional workplaces under one roof.

Our experts will take care of not only your physical health, but also your mental health.

Data is the path to health

Your Váš Lekár works on an exact approach. The basic unit in determining health status is data. These are obtained through personalized diagnostics, tailored to our clients.

We are aware that different parameters need to be monitored in a woman in her thirties and in a man in his fifties.

We have developed the concept of an extended health check-up with regard to the gender and age of the client:

Preview of the extended preventive examination with Boris Bajer

Client ≠ patient

“We provide services and products designed for a longer life. We try to make sure that our clients do not become patients.”

MUDr. Boris Bajer, PhD.
Guarantor of the Váš Lekár Polyclinic concept

Accessible healthcare

Photos and visualizations of Váš Lekár Polyclinic

Photo gallery

Well being

Prevention is an easy and inexpensive way to stay healthy.

Knowing that our body is working as it should makes us feel better and contributes to our psychological well-being.

As soon as we begin to experience physical discomfort and don’t know what’s wrong with us, our mental adjustment and physical performance decreases on two levels.

In practice, this means:

1. Our body struggles with health problem

2. Our head struggles with fear

Regular health check-ups are aimed at a better knowledge of one’s own body and the possible early detection of essential diseases.

They are a tool to achieve well-being.

5 additional workplaces

EEG + EMG room
Subscribing point
Infusion room

Our vision

Setting a new standard in healthcare

Our medical and diagnostic centres bring new possibilities for maintaining a quality and healthy life. We believe 65 can be the new 55!


Feedback from our clients


Feedback from our corporate clients

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Poliklinika Váš Lekár

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